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Patient Touch

Tales of the chronically short-coated

One chapter of my life has ended, and I'm starting a new one soon. I think I'll be changing my profile. Here's the old one for a little longer (at least until I'm creative enough to string a few more words together):

My old profile sounded pretentious. Here's one that sounds Japanese!

Issac Abel is the player of the epee, WCAP (World Class Athlete PROGRAM) is the member.
He has received medical large empty holiday in order to concentrate on the Olympics.
With that [burogu], it can chase the circumstances of that fencing season.

You are an epee fencer.

Epee is a weapon of deceit and guile. You tend to take your time and counter-attack. You can touch your opponent anywhere at any time.
What Kind of Fencer Are You?
What Kind Of Fencer Are You?

Oh, and here's a plug for DC Fencers' Club.